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Wednesday 15 July 2020

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IFRS taxonomy

IFRS Taxonomy Usage FAQs


We are a consultancy company advising our client on the implementation of XBRL. Can we use the XBRL IFRS Taxonomy as a basis for our implementation?

Yes, provided that you do not charge your client for the Taxonomy as this would clearly be for commercial benefit. Both you and your client must agree to be bound by the XBRL International  IP Policy. You can obviously charge for services you provide in respect of the implementation and surrounding services.


We are a company. Can we extend the IFRS Taxonomy?

Yes, provided that you act in accordance with the XBRL International IP Policy . You may not generate commercial revenue from this, but may provide consulting or implementation services that relate to the Taxonomy and charge for these as normal.


I am a student and wish to study/write a paper on XBRL. Can I use elements of the IFRS-Taxonomy in my studies?



We are a company looking to adopt XBRL. Can we use the IFRS Taxonomy as the basis for our implementation?

Yes, provided that you do not redistribute or sublicense the Taxonomy and agree to be bound by the XBRL International IP Policy.


Can we translate the IFRS Taxonomy?

No, not without the consent of the IFRS Foundation. If you wish to translate the Taxonomy please contact the IFRS Foundation Translations Manager  Leilani Macdonald by emailing

The IFRS Foundation are committed to facilitating the translation of the Taxonomy and making the translations freely available, however to ensure the quality of any translation produced the IFRS Foundation wants to coordinate and regulate the translation efforts.


We would like to put the IFRS Taxonomy on our Website, is this permitted?

Yes, provided that it is free to access, but given the rapid rate of development of the XBRL IFRS Taxonomy the IFRS Foundation would encourage you to link to the content on the IFRS Foundation XBRL website to keep abreast of changes.


We are a software company producing XBRL compatible products. Can we bundle the IFRS Taxonomy in with our product?

Yes, so long as it is a complete version of the IFRS Taxonomy, without amendment. You must not generate commercial revenue from the Taxonomy itself.

The IFRS Foundation would encourage software vendors to link to this Website to allow users to download the desired version of the Taxonomy rather than just include a static version of the Taxonomy with their software.


Can we copy the Taxonomy and reproduce it within our Taxonomy?

Yes, provided you take the whole Taxonomy and make no amendments or alterations to it and formally acknowledge the IFRS Foundation’s copyright in the Taxonomy. However given the Taxonomy is extensible in nature the IFRS Foundation would encourage those seeking to use the Taxonomy in this way to link to it rather than simply copy it.