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Saturday 05 December 2020

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Interim releases


 IFRS Taxonomy interim releases


Following the release of the IFRS Taxonomy 2012, the IFRS Foundation will also publish interim releases for the IFRS Taxonomy.  IFRS Taxonomy interim releases contain additional taxonomy items that reflect new IFRSs as well as improvements to IFRSs published by the IASB, that are not included in the core IFRS Taxonomy.

Previously, the IFRS Foundation has released a single version of the IFRS Taxonomy each year, following the publication of the IFRS Bound Volume.  IFRSs published after the taxonomy release were not be included in the taxonomy until the next core taxonomy release in the following year.  Consequently, entities wishing to report using new IFRSs and the IFRS Taxonomy were required to create their own taxonomy items.

The decision to issue IFRS Taxonomy interim releases will support the early adoption of IFRSs, by providing taxonomy items earlier for reporting electronically using the latest IFRSs published by the IASB.  This will also eliminate the for entities to create their own taxonomy items.

Due process

IFRS Taxonomy interim releases do not follow the full  due process that is applied to the IFRS Taxonomy however, interim releases are subject to review by the IFRS Foundation XBRL Quality Review Team.  Formal review of IFRS Taxonomy 2012 interim releases, and therefore the due process, will be undertaken during the review of the of the exposure draft IFRS Taxonomy 2013.

However, although there is no official public review period for IFRS Taxonomy interim releases, all public feedback and comments are welcome and may be submitted at any time.  These comments will be considered by the IFRS Foundation and may be implemented in future taxonomy releases.



About the XBRL architecture of IFRS Taxonomy interim releases

IFRS Taxonomy interim releases follow the IFRS Taxonomy architecture outlined in The IFRS Taxonomy Guide.  Each IFRS Taxonomy 2012 interim release re-uses the core schema of the IFRS Taxonomy 2012; this core schema is not amended in any way.  However, an additional schema containing concepts for the interim release is also provided for each interim release.  Concepts that are no longer required by IFRS, and which are therefore redundant, are deprecated by the means of deprecated labels.

Each interim release is provided as a ZIP file which contains two entry-point schemas:

  1. ir_entry_point_YYYY-MM-DD.xsd this entry-point provides only the files that are specific to a given interim release (ie files that have new or amended concepts and extended link roles);
  2. full_entry_point_ YYYY-MM-DD.xsd this entry-point provides the files that are specific to a given interim release and also the files for the IFRS Taxonomy 2012.

Interim releases for the IFRS Taxonomy 2012

Below are the interim releases that have been published for the IFRS Taxonomy 2012.


Interim release taxonomy files IFRS publication (click to view the project page) IFRS Taxonomy Illustrated xIFRS (ZIP, 1.23 MB
Investment Entities
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To view the interim releases published for the IFRS Taxonomy 2010 and IFRS Taxonomy 2011, please click here.

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