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Monday 25 January 2021

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Date Type Title
03 May 2017 Update IFRS Foundation published the 2017 Pocket Guide
31 March 2017 Update New jurisdiction profile posted on use of IFRS Standards in Montenegro



Date Type Title
20 December Update Saudi Arabia to publish IFRS Standards for adoption purposes
15 November Update Saudi Arabia to publish IFRS Standards for adoption purposes
21 September 2016 Update Belarus adopts IFRS Standards for al public interest entities
07 September 2016 Update New jurisdiction profiles posted: Liberia, Malawi, Namibia and Timor-Leste
29 July 2016 Update Use of IFRS Standards in Japan continues to grow
25 July 2016 Feature How many listed companies use IFRS Standards?
24 May 2016 Update IFRS profiles for Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and USA updated
10 May 2016 Update IFRS Foundation publishes the 2016 Pocket Guide
18 April 2016 Update Adoptions of IFRS Standards in Japan continues to grow
04 April 2016 Update Taiwan allows non-public companies to use IFRS Standards
29 March 2016 Update Norway defers decision on IFRS for SMEs until 2017
23 March 2016 Update IFRS profiles posted for Gambia, Kuwait and Qatar
17 March 2016 Update Analysis of use of IFRS Standards by GDP
22 January 2016 Update Turkey jurisdiction profile updated



Date Type Title
13 November 2015 Update India jurisdiction profile updated
13 November 2015 Update Saudi Arabia to require use of IFRS Standards in 2017 and IFRS for SMEs in 2018
30 October 2015 Update Norway proposes to adopt standards based on IFRS for SMEs
23 October 2015 Update Pakistan adopts IFRS for SMEs
2 September 2015 Article Paul Pacter: The global reach of IFRS is expanding
1 September 2015 Update  Angola and Ukraine expand use of IFRS for banks
10 August 2015 Update  Hungary expands use of IFRS
10 July 2015 Update  New UAE Companies Law requires IFRS
8 July 2015 Update  Japan introduces JMIS—jurisdiction profile updated
3 July 2015 Update  Canada and Thailand jurisdiction profiles updated
9 June 2015 Update  IFRS Foundation publishes updated version of the 'Snapshot' Financial Reporting Standards for the World Economy
15 April 2015 Press release  IFRS Foundation publishes updated guide to IFRS use around the world
3 March 2015 Update Canada, Colombia, Japan and Uruguay IFRS profiles updated



Date Type Title
30 September 2014 Press release Educational quiz launched as resource for educators and students
25 September 2014 Update Eight new jurisdiction profiles on the use of IFRS around the world
5 September 2014 Update Indonesia profile updated
5 September 2014 Article Global Accounting Standards—From Vision to Reality: Assessing the State of IFRS Adoption, Jurisdiction by Jurisdiction
Published in Japanese in the 4 July 2014 issue of the accounting journal  Kigyou Kaikei
国際会計基準ー世界における適用状況 IFRS 各国別適用状況
2 September 2014 Update Malaysia profile updated
27 August 2014 Update Hong Kong and China profiles updated
4 August 2014 Update Global Standards: How Close Are We?
4 August 2014 Update Dominican Republic and Russia profiles updated
10 July 2014 Press release IFRS Foundation publishes ‘IFRS as global standards: a pocket guide
9 July 2014 Update Singapore jurisdiction profile updated
16 June 2014 Update Singapore and New Zealand profiles updated
14 April 2014 Update New Yemen profile published and Turkey profile updated
11 March 2014 Update Five new jurisdiction profiles on use of IFRS around the world
4 March 2014 Update Japan IFRS profile revised
28 February 2014 Update Argentina, Russia, and Iraq profiles updated
21 February 2014 Update Malaysia and Saudi Arabia profiles updated
13 February 2014 Update Panama and Suriname jurisdiction profiles have been published; Taiwan profile has been updated
17 January 2014 Article Paul Pacter: Global Accounting Standards—From Vision to Reality
9 January 2014 Update Taiwan Jurisdiction Profile has been updated



Date Type Title
13 December 2013 Update The Hong Kong and Korea (South) Jurisdiction Profiles have been updated
9 December 2013 Press release Latest update to study confirms substantial progress towards global adoption of IFRS
5 June 2013 Press release IFRS Foundation charts progress towards global adoption of IFRS
5 June 2013 Speech IASB Chairman Hans Hoogervorst introducing the profiles
25 October 2012 Study The Case for Global Accounting Standards: Arguments and Evidence


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