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Sunday 28 February 2021

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 IFRS Students

IFRS Foundation education initiative support IFRS students by making available a range of resources on IFRS and the IFRS for SMEs. 

Students should not consult the IFRS Foundation staff on their assignments.

  1. Visiting student groups
    The IFRS Foundation education staff receives a limited number of prearranged international student groups that are studying IFRSs. For more information click here.
  2. Occasional education notes
    The IFRS Foundation publishes an occasional series of articles that explain particular IFRS requirements. For more information click here.
  3. IFRS learning resources
    The IFRS Foundation makes available a range of material in a variety of forms that is widely used by IFRS teachers and IFRS trainers. Much of that material is free to download. For more information click here.

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Gloria Lindfield
Executive Assistant, IFRS Education Initiative