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Monday 01 March 2021

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Outreach activities

Outreach activities

Project-related outreach and stakeholder engagement activities

We undertake a range of outreach and stakeholder communication activities to inform and educate, to explain and clarify our proposals and to provide opportunities for interested parties to discuss and debate them with us. These activities supplement our formal due process events such as round-table meetings.

Our outreach activities are designed to achieve a two way dialogue. We will explain our proposals to interested parties. We also hope to understand better the implications of our proposals and stakeholders’ views by talking to our stakeholders and listening to feedback.
We have assigned IASB outreach managers to each of the major projects to lead the engagement with stakeholders. Our outreach activities include the following:

  • Project specific email alerts (available on relevant project pages)
  • Individual meetings with organisations or representative bodies
  • Live webcasts, with interactive question and answer sessions
  • Podcast summaries of Board meetings, and project-specific podcasts and webinars
  • Investor Perspectives, articles for the investor community usually written by former analysts on the IASB
  • Online surveys targeted at the investor and analyst community

We are open to ideas on how we can further improve our engagement with stakeholders. In particular, we are interested to hear from organisations who would like to work with the IASB by acting as a facilitator in convening groups of interested parties (eg from a particular industry or region) for a discussion on one or more of our projects.

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April Pitman
Project Outreach