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Thursday 29 October 2020

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IFRS Foundation Trustees Meeting October 2016

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 IFRS Foundation Trustees Meeting October 2016

Date: 13 October 2016

New Delhi, India


Day Session Watch
Thursday 13 October 08:15 - 09:30
(local time)

03:15 - 04:30


Observers are encouraged to check the Website shortly before the meeting for last minute changes.

Agenda papers

The following agenda papers were discussed at this meeting, to access, click on the titles below. Any changes to dates will be posted in red.

Agenda paper Title Listen
1 Agenda Paper 1A: Introduction and Actions from the DPOC meeting
held on 25 May 2016 (verbal)
Agenda Paper 1B: Technical Activities: Key Issues and Update [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1C: 2015 Agenda Consultation-Summary of the Consultation Process [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1D: Effects Analysis: follow-up on implementation of recommendations of the report of the Effects Analysis Consultative Group [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1E: Benchmarking: a further consideration [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1F: Annual Review of Consultative Groups [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1G: Reporting Protocol: General Reports [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1H: Education Initiative: due process update [PDF]
Agenda Paper 1I: Correspondence: update [PDF]