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Tuesday 02 June 2020

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IFRS Advisory Council meeting

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 IFRS Advisory Council October 2012


Scheduled meeting of the IFRS Advisory Council.

Date 22 and 23 October 2012


Grange City Hotel
8-14 Cooper’s Row
London EC3N 2BQ


Recordings from this meeting are now available, to listen visit the IFRS Advisory Council Meeting pages. 

Agenda papers and audio files

The following agenda papers and agenda papers are available from this meeting, to access, click on the links below:

Agenda paper Title     Webcast
1 Agenda paper 1 – IASB chair report
Agenda paper 1A – IASB work plan  - projected targets as at 1 October 2012
Agenda paper 1b – IASB and National Standard Setter
[Zip file]
2 Agenda paper 2 –  IAS 41 Agriculture: Agenda Proposal on Bearer Biological assets
Agenda paper 2A – IAS 41 Agriculture: Agenda Proposal on Bearer Biological assets
[Zip file]
3 Agenda paper 3 – Rate-regulated activities [PDF]
4 Agenda paper 4 – Emerging Economies Group [PDF]
5 Agenda paper 5 – Summary of the Update to the IASB’s due process discussions at the June 2012 Council meeting
Agenda paper 5A – Summary of the discussions at the June 2012 Council meeting on external involvement in the IASB standard-setting process
[Zip file]
6 Agenda paper 6 – Improving consistent application of IFRSs [PDF]
7 Agenda paper 7 – Establishing an IASB dedicated research capacity [PDF]
8 Agenda paper 8 – International Integrated Reporting Council [PDF]
9 Agenda paper 9 - Interaction between the Financial Stability Board (and G20) and the IASB [PDF] published 22 Oct
10 Agenda paper 10 – Interactions between the Basel Committee and IASB [PDF]
11 Agenda paper 11 – Leases:  Project update [PDF]
   Update on Trustees Activities  
   Sec Report  
   Summary of Discussions