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Tuesday 26 January 2021

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IASB representatives with GPF

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 Meeting of IASB representatives with the Global Preparers Forum

Meeting of IASB representatives with the Global Preparers Forum

Date: 12 November 2012

Location: IASB Boardroom, First Floor, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH

Agenda papers and webcasts 

The following agenda papers and webcasts are available from this meeting, to access, click on the links below:

Agenda paper Title     Listen 
1 Agenda paper 1: IASB work plan update [PDF]  
2 Agenda paper 2: Preparing Effects Analyses [PDF]
Agenda paper 2A: Preparing Effects Analyses - Appendix A: Illustrative examples of Effects Analyses [PDF]
3 Agenda paper 3: IFRS implementation current issues [PDF]  
4 Agenda paper 4: Post-implementation Review - IFRS 8 Operating Segments [PDF]  
5 Agenda paper 5: Revenue from Contracts with Customers [PDF]  
6 Agenda paper 6: XBRL update [PDF]
Agenda paper 6A: XBRL activities at IASB and IFRS Foundation [PDF]