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Tuesday 11 August 2020

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 IASB/FASB Meeting January 2011


Scheduled meeting of the IASB and IASB/FASB 

The meeting will take place from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 January 2011 

Location: IASB Boardroom, First Floor, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH 



To register for this meeting, please send an email to Please state your name, company, and details of which days/sessions you would like to attend

Webcast Registration

You can register for this webcast any time up to the webcast starting. Shortly after the webcast has finished, a recording of this webcast / meeting will be available though the link above for a further 90 days. After 90 days, the recording will to be available from the relevant project pages.

Day Session one Register Session two Register
Tuesday 18 January Yes    No   
Wednesday 19 January Yes    Yes   
Thursday 20 January Yes    Yes   
Friday 21 January Yes     No

Agenda papers to be discussed

The following agenda papers will be discussed at this week's meeting, to access, click on the titles below. Any changes to dates will be posted in red.

Agenda paper Title     Date to be discussed
1 Not in use
2 Not in use
3 to 3F Insurance Contracts cover note and project timetable [PDF]
Insurance Contracts: Educational session: Discount Rates [PDF]
Insurance Contracts: Educational session: Discount Rates � Presentation from Rob Esson, NAIC  [PDF]
Insurance Contracts: Educational session: Discount Rates: Presentation by Francesco Nagari and Andrew Smith (Deloitte) [PDF]
Insurance Contracts: Educational Session Discount Rate - Presentation from Nicholas Bauer, Eckler[PDF]
Insurance contracts: Summary of comment letters on the IASB ED Insurance Contracts[PDF]
Insurance Contracts: Comment letter summary (FASB DP) [PDF]
Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 January 2011
4 Leases: Definition of a lease: Some preliminary thoughts [PDF] Wednesday 19 January 2011
5 to 5B Leases: Cover note [PDF]
Leases: Comment letter summary: Main issues [PDF]
Leases: Redeliberation plan[PDF]
Wednesday 19 January 2011
6 to 6D Revenue Recognition: Cover note  [PDF]
Revenue Recognition: Determining the transfer of goods and services[PDF]
Revenue Recognition: Separating a contract[PDF]
Revenue Recognition: Identifying separate performance obligations[PDF]
Revenue Recognition: Perfunctory obligations, incidental obligations and marketing incentives [PDF]
Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 January 2011
7 Financial Instruments: Impairment: Comment period for supplemental document  [PDF] Tuesday 18 January 2011
8 Leases: Lessor Accounting  [PDF] Thursday 20 January 2011
9, 9C & 9D Post-employment Benefits: Cover note [PDF]
Post-employment Benefits: Timing of recognition for plan amendments, curtailments, settlements and termination benefits [PDF]
Post-employment Benefits: Presentation of components of defined benefit cost [PDF]
Friday 21 January 2011
10 Joint Arrangements: Educational session [PDF] Thursday 20 January 2011
11 The annual improvement process �Proposals to amend the Due Process Handbook for the IASB: Comment letter analysis of the proposed qualifying criteria [PDF] Thursday 20 January 2011
11A Annual improvements [PDF] Thursday 20 January 2011
12 Annual improvements: Amending IAS 1 [PDF] Thursday 20 January 2011
13 Consolidation and joint arrangements: Sweep Issue: Potential voting rights when assessing significant influence [PDF] Thursday 20 January 2011