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Friday 22 January 2021

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 IASB Meeting April 2012


Scheduled meeting of the IASB / FASB

The meeting will take place on the 16 - 19 April 2012

  Location: IASB Boardroom, First Floor, 30 Cannon Street, London EC4M 6XH

The Impairment Session on Wednesday morning will now start at 8.30am instead of 9am



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Day Morning Session Register Afternoon Session Register
Monday 16 April No    Yes   
Tuesday 17 April  Yes    Yes   
Wednesday 18 April  Yes    Yes   
Thursday 19 April Yes    No   

Agenda papers to be discussed

The following agenda papers will be discussed at this week's meeting, to access, click on the titles below. Any changes to dates will be posted in red.

Agenda paper Title     Date to be discussed
2 Cover sheet - Insurance contracts
The IASB and FASB will continue their discussions on insurance contracts. They will have non-decision-making sessions on the use of other comprehensive income to present some changes in the insurance contract liability, decision-making sessions on reinsurance, contract modifications and riders, and a non-decision-making session on the single margin approach tentatively adopted by the FASB.
Agenda Paper 2: Insurance Contracts: Cover note
Agenda Paper 2A: Insurance Contracts: Background on the use of other comprehensive income
Agenda Paper 2B: Insurance Contracts: Education session: The use of other comprehensive income for presenting the effect on the insurance contract liability arising from changes in specified assumptions
Agenda Paper 2C: Insurance Contracts: The mechanics of using OCI to present specified changes in the insurance contracts liability
Agenda Paper 2D: Insurance Contracts: Loss recognition test
Agenda Paper 2E: Insurance Contracts: Examples to illustrate the use of other comprehensive income (OCI) for presenting specified changes in the insurance liability
Agenda Paper 2F: Insurance Contracts: Additional Topics on Reinsurance Contracts Accounting
Agenda Paper 2G: Insurance Contracts: Contract modifications
Agenda Paper 2H: Insurance Contracts: Riders and policy loans
Agenda Paper 2I: Insurance Contracts: Education session single margin approach
 [Zip file]
Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 April
5 Cover sheet - Financial Instruments: Impairment
At this meeting the boards will discuss refinements to the measurement objectives of the three bucket model and the application of that model to trade receivables.
Agenda Paper 5: Impairment: Cover note
Agenda Paper 5A: Impairment: Clarification of the measurement objective
Agenda Paper 5B: Impairment: Application of the �three-bucket� model to trade receivables
[Zip file]
Wednesday 18 April
6 Cover sheet - FI: Classifications and measurement
In this session, the staff will discuss the business model assessment for amortised cost classification category in IFRS 9 and the FASB�s tentative classification and measurement model for financial instruments. The staff will then discuss whether bifurcation of financial assets and financial liabilities should be pursued, and if so, what the basis for bifurcation should be. This will include consideration of the P&I-based contractual cash flow characteristics assessment for financial liabilities. The objectives of this session are to more closely align IFRS 9 and the FASB�s tentative model and to address feedback received by the IASB on IFRS 9.
Agenda Paper 6: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Cover note
Agenda Paper 6A: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Business model assessment for financial assets
Agenda Paper 6B: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Bifurcation: introduction
Agenda Paper 6C: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Bifurcation: no-bifurcation approach
Agenda Paper 6D: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Bifurcation: principal and interest bifurcation methodology
Agenda Paper 6E: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Bifurcation: closely related bifurcation methodology
Agenda Paper 6F: Financial instruments: Classification and measurement: Bifurcation: staff analysis and recommendation
revised version published 13/04 [Zip file]
Tuesday 17 April
8 Agenda paper 8: Definition of the term �non-monetary asset� : IAS 27 Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements, IAS 28 Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures: Definition of the term �non-monetary asset� in SIC-13  [PDF]
9 Cover sheet - Annual Improvements
The purpose of this paper is to ask the Board whether it approves the proposed annual improvements to IAS 16 and IAS 38, which will have the effect of clarifying the guidance in paragraphs 62 in IAS 16 and paragraph 98 in IAS 38 when selecting an appropriate depreciation and/or amortisation method.
Agenda Paper 9: Annual Improvements: Revenue-based depreciation cycle  [PDF]
Agenda paper 9A: Annual Improvements 2011-2013 cycle - Addendum to agenda paper 9 � Revenue-based depreciation method [PDF]
Monday 16 April
10 Agenda Paper 10: IFRIC Update [PDF] Monday 16 April
11 Cover sheet - Investment Entities
The IASB and the FASB will commence their redeliberations of the investment entities project by discussing summaries of the feedback received on the IASB and FASB exposure drafts. This meeting will be an educational meeting only and no decisions will be reached.
Agenda Paper 11: Investment entities: IASB Exposure Draft Feedback Summary
Agenda Paper 11A: Investment entities: FASB Exposure Draft Feedback Summary
[Zip file]
Tuesday 17 April