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Thursday 20 February 2020

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EEG meeting - Argentina

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 IASB Emerging Economies Group meeting - Argentina


Meeting of the IASB Emerging Economies Group.

Date: 28-29 May 2012

Offices of the Federacion Argentina de Consejos Profesionales de Ciencias Economicas (FACPCE)
Buenos Aires

For more information about the Emerging Economies Group, please click here.

Agenda papers and audio recordings

Click on the links below to view the papers or listen to the audio recordings.

Agenda paper Title     Listen
Notes from 2nd EEG Meeting
1 Agenda Paper 1: Agriculture Accounting Issues Paper AOSSG
Agenda Paper 1A: Agriculture Accounting - Appendices - part 1 of 4
Agenda Paper 1B: Agriculture Accounting - Appendices - part 2 of 4
Agenda Paper 1C: Agriculture Accounting - Appendices - part 3 of 4
Agenda Paper 1D: Agriculture Accounting - Appendices - part 4 of 4
Agenda Paper 1E: Agriculture Accounting
[Zip file]
2 Agenda Paper 2: Agriculture Issues for discussion [PDF]   
3 Agenda Paper 3: Common Control agenda for initial consideration [PDF]   
4 Aganda Paper 4: Accounting for Telecommunication Tower in Indonesia [PDF]   
5 Aganda Paper 5: Clarification of some terms in IFRSs and translation issues [PDF]