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Thursday 03 December 2020

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 Live web presentation on Conceptual Framework project

Following the introductory web presentations on 26 July 2013 on the proposals in the recently issued Discussion Paper A Review of the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting, IASB staff will give live web presentations over the next few months on the issues raised in the Discussion Paper, including question and answer sessions.

Dates of web presentations


Each presentation, including the question and answer session, will last approximately thirty minutes. There is no charge to listen to the web presentation, but you need to register. Details of how to register are below.

These presentations, including the question and answer sessions, will be recorded and made available on the project website as soon as possible after the live updates.

(London time)
Topic Register Listen 
Tuesday 3 September
10.00 am
Definitions of assets and liabilities N/A

Friday 13 September
14.30 pm
Other comprehensive income (OCI) N/A

Friday 27 September
10.00 am
Definition of equity and distinction between liability and equity elements N/A

Wednesday 2 October
3.00 pm [please note time has changed from 10.00am to 3.00pm]
Measurement N/A

Thursday 10 October
14.00 pm
Additional guidance to support the liability definition N/A

Tuesday 22 October
16.00 pm
Objective and Qualitative Characteristics N/A

Monday 25 November
11.00 am
[please note that this date has changed from 3.00pm on Friday 15 November to 11.00am on Monday 25 November]
Presentation and disclosure N/A



Technical information


To access the presentation your computer must have Windows Media Player installed.

For technical questions, please contact Bob Young at