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Wednesday 22 January 2020

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IASB Investor Education

Investor Workshops Materials

The IFRS Foundation organises, co brands and participates in numerous conferences, workshops, seminars and presentations each year as part of its Education Initiative.

To assist the investor and analyst communities understand the effects of new and amended IFRSs, the IFRS Foundation holds workshops immediately before some IFRS conferences. The workshops typically include:

  • An IASB member summarising particular new IFRS principles;
  • A panel of analysts, investors and preparers that discuss the effects of the changes on financial analysis and valuation.


Date Conference materials
June 2014 London 2014 Investor Focused Session [PDF]
May 2014 Singapore 2014 Investor Focused Session [PDF]
June 2013 Amsterdam 2013 Investor Focused Update [PDF]