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Wednesday 24 February 2021

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IASB Investor Education

The IASB Investor Education team develops webcasts and publications that are designed to keep investors up to date on today’s major accounting issues.

The Investor Education team would welcome your feedback on any of the material that we offer, and would welcome any suggestions that you might have on further topics that we might cover.

IFRS are aimed at ensuring that financial statements provide information that existing and potential investors and other capital providers (‘investors’) need to make capital allocation decisions.

The objective of the Investor Education Programme is to improve investors' knowledge of IFRS, including the judgements and estimates that are necessarily made when preparing IFRS financial information. 

Improving investors' knowledge of IFRS aims to help:

  • reduce the perceived need for industry-specific IFRS guidance and IFRS Interpretations; and
  • contribute indirectly to increasing the consistency and rigour with which IFRS is applied.

Our activities include:

  • working with established investor professional associations/investor organisations to enhance the IFRS knowledge and competences of their members;
  • the development of a more comprehensive suite of investor-focused products and services; and
  • arranging investor-focused IFRS updates at IFRS Foundation conferences and other events.

Working with others

As part of the IFRS Education Initiative, much of the Investor Education Programme’s work is performed in conjunction with others, including investor profession associations and other investor organisations throughout the world.




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