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Monday 25 January 2021

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Research opportunities

 Research opportunities

Good quality research can help the International Accounting Standards Board (the Board) develop Standards for general purpose financial reporting. To help increase the pool of relevant and timely research prepared by independent researchers, such as academics, the Board has developed a list of topics that are likely to be of interest to it over the next few years.

The topics relate to forthcoming Post-implementation Reviews (PIRs), projects in its research programme and general issues that do not necessarily relate to a specific project but are of interest to the Board.

If you are planning to undertake or have already started working on research that you believe might be relevant for any of these issues, you should consider contacting us. We may also be able to answer questions about the issue to help you define the research question.

The issues identified here are indicative. There will be many other issues and questions about which the Board will be interested in receiving high quality research. In several cases, we have identified only the broad issues being considered instead of specific research questions.

The list of topics is divided into three areas:



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