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Wednesday 22 January 2020

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Public meetings

In addition to inviting comment lettersto solicit views and suggestions, the IASB often considers holding public meetings with interested organisations to listen to and exchange views on specific topics.

Such public meetings can be convened as public hearings, public round-tables or in other formats. Notice is given to the public in advance of those meetings.

Public hearings


Public hearings are regarded as most usefully held after the comment period, when the IASB has reviewed the views raised by constituents.

Participants are required to provide written submissions in advance of the hearing. During the hearings, participants make brief presentations, and question and answer sessions follow.

Public round-tables


As an alternative to public hearings, the IASB may arrange public round-table meetings to discuss issues with interested parties.

The format of such meetings is similar to that of an IFRS Advisory Council meeting, in that the IASB raises previously circulated questions and invites participants to provide their comments and views.

Throughout the due process, and in particular during the comment period, constituents may propose public meetings to explain their concerns about the IASB’s proposals or existing Standards. In response to such requests, the IASB may assign individual IASB members and staff to attend such meetings. The staff summarise the information received at the different meetings for the IASB’s consideration.