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Tuesday 28 January 2020

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New IFRS Foundation website homepage

 28 November 2011


We are pleased to introduce the improved homepage, a redesign that offers a more detailed and user-friendly way to keep up with the rapid developments of the organisation and the frequently-updated website content.

The new homepage offers a cleaner look and the ability through the new Announcements box to see at a glance, and in more detail, what has been added to the website. The information that used to be available in the 'Recently updated' section will now be posted in the Announcements box.

Users also have the option to filter their news depending on their area of interest, by clicking on the shaded tab headings at the top of the Announcements box. The first tab, named ‘All’ , provides an overview of all stories posted, aggregated from the other tabs. Clicking on the ‘more>’ link at the bottom right hand corner of each tab will take you to further news.

Underneath, there is a new section that provides links to related information, depending on which tab is open in the Announcements box.

Other changes include links to upcoming meetings and conferences on the left hand side of the page and some design changes to the layout of the page.

Further, more substantial, changes to the website as a whole including the navigation are planned for 2012. In the meantime, we hope that this redesign offers an improved experience.

If you would like to share any comments on the new homepage with us, please email


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Markus Coleman
IFRS Foundation Web Editor