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Sunday 07 June 2020

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Lord Turner delivers lecture on risk management in an unstable system

 22 June 2015

Lord Adair TurnerLord Turner, Chairman of the Governing Board of the Institute for New Economic Thinking and former Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority, delivered the second Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Memorial Lecture on 18 June 2015.

The lecture, entitled The micro and the macro: risk management in an unstable system, focused on the systemic drivers of the financial crisis and proposed reforms still required to ensure financial and economic stability. Organised by the IFRS Foundation in partnership with European University Institute, the event took place in conjunction with the IFRS Foundation Trustees' meeting in London.

IFRS Foundation Trustees Chairman Michel Prada delivered the opening remarks. The lecture was followed by a discussion between Lord Turner and IASB Chairman Hans Hoogervorst, moderated by Nicolas Véron, Senior Fellow at Bruegel and Visiting Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Videos of the lecture and the subsequent discussion can be viewed below.

Click here for the speech by Lord Turner, and here to download the slides used during the lecture. If you'd like to see photos from the event please visit our Facebook page.

Video 1: Opening Speech by Michel Prada

Video 2: Main Speech by Lord Turner

Video 3: Discussion Panel with Lord Turner, Hans Hoogervorst and Nicolas Véron