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Monday 24 February 2020

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DPOC activity by date

DPOC meetings, including papers and reports

Due Process Oversight Meeting July 2013

A Due Process Oversight Committee (DPOC) meeting was held during the Trustees' meeting in Johannesburg, on 9-11 July 2013.

View the report of the July 2013 meeting

Agenda papers

The following agenda papers were discussed at the meeting. To access, click on the titles below:

Agenda paper Title
3 AP 3: DPOC: Agenda [PDF]
  AP 3B: DPOC: Technical Projects – Update [PDF]
 3C AP 3C: DPOC: Production and Timing of Consultative and Final Documents - 2013 [PDF]
 3D AP 3D: DPOC: Revenue Recognition: Due Process ‘Lifecycle’ Review [PDF]
 3D(i) AP 3D(i): DPOC: Revenue Recognition - Due Process Summary [PDF]
 3D(ii) AP 3D(ii): DPOC: Revenue Recognition – Summary of Outreach Activities [PDF]
 3E AP 3E: DPOC: Consultative Groups - Annual Review and DPOC Engagement [PDF]
 3F AP 3F: DPOC: Reporting Protocol – Annual Report on General Due Process Matters [PDF]
 3G AP 3G: DPOC: DPOC Webpages Update [PDF]
 3H AP 3H: DPOC: Correspondence [PDF]