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Monday 24 February 2020

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DPOC meetings, including papers and reports

Due Process Oversight Committee April 2014

A Due Process Oversight Committee (DPOC) meeting was held during the Trustees' meeting in Sydney, on 8-10 April 2014.


View the report of the April 2014 meeting.

Agenda Papers

The following Agenda Papers were discussed at this meeting, to access, click on the titles below:

Agenda paper Title
3 Agenda paper 3: DPOC Agenda [PDF]
 3B  Agenda paper 3B: DPOC Update on Technical Activities [PDF]
 3B(i)  Agenda Paper 3B(i): Rate-Regulated Activities Discussion Paper – Due process steps [PDF]
 3C  Agenda paper 3C: Forthcoming publication of IFRS 9 - overview [PDF]
 3C(i)  Agenda paper 3C(i): Impairment – due process lifecycle review [PDF]
 3C(ii)  Agenda Paper 3C(ii): Impairment – due process steps [PDF]
 3C(iii)  Agenda Paper 3C(iii): Classification and measurement – due process lifecycle review [PDF]
 3C(iv)  Agenda Paper 3C(iv): Classification and measurement – due process steps [PDF]
 3D  Agenda Paper 3D: Effects Analysis [PDF]
 3E  Agenda paper 3E: IFRS Taxonomy – revised due process proposal [PDF]
 3E(i)  Agenda Paper 3E(i): IFRS Taxonomy – revised due process steps [PDF]
 3F  Agenda Paper 3F: Reporting of Outreach and Fieldwork and Correspondence – update [PDF]
 3F(i) Agenda Paper 3F(i): Conceptual Framework User Feedback [PDF] 
 3F(ii)  Agenda Paper 3F(ii): Disclosure Initiative – Changes in Debt [PDF]
 3G  Agenda paper 3G: Consultative Groups and DPOC engagement: update [PDF]
 3H  Agenda paper 3H: Education Materials - update [PDF]