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Saturday 06 June 2020

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Rate-regulated Activities: Rate Regulation

Rate-regulated Activities

 Due process steps

Stage 3: Discussion Paper


Step Required/
Metrics or
Discussion or Research Paper development :
DP developed in public meetings.


Meetings held to discuss the topic.

Project website contains a full description with up-to-date information.

Meeting papers have been posted in a timely fashion

The IASB has discussed developing the contents of the Discussion Paper at seven public meetings between December 2012 and February 2014.

The website is up-to-date. Papers for the IASB meetings were posted before each meeting and summary of each meeting was included in IASB Update

Consultation with the IFRS Advisory Council (the ‘Advisory Council’) has occurred.


Discussions with the Advisory Council on the topic.

The Advisory Council expressed its support for restarting the project in its June 2012 meeting. In October 2012, the Advisory Council supported the IASB’s decision to carry out the research project to develop a Discussion Paper and concluded that, if any interim solution is to be developed, this should be done quickly in order to avoid jeopardising the timetable for any comprehensive solution to be developed as a result of the research project.

Project-specific updates are sent via email alerts to registered users.


Frequency of alerts provided

None so far.

Consultative groups are established depending on the nature of issues and the level of interest among interested parties.


Argument provided for or against the use of the consultative group.

Extent of consultative group meetings that have been held.

Feedback to the consultative group has been provided.

A consultative group has been formed.

The consultative group met in July and November 2013 and will be kept informed as the Discussion Paper is being drafted.

Online survey to generate evidence in support of or gainst a particular approach.


Survey shown on the IASB website.

Number and diversity of respondents.

Analysis of the response.

Not considered necessary at this point – the Discussion Paper will explore various approaches on which input is sought.

Outreach meetings to promote debate and hear views on the financial reporting issue that is being examined.


Schedule of the outreach meetings.

Limited outreach so far but more will be held once the Discussion Paper has been published.

Public discussions with representative groups.


Meetings held.

The Rate-regulated Activities project has been discussed with the Accounting Standards Advisory Forum (December 2013 and March 2014).

Regional discussion forums, where possible with national standard-setters with the IASB.


Extent of meetings held and the venues where issues have been discussed.

Not undertaken at this stage

Podcasts to provide interested parties with high level updates or other useful information about the specific project


Number of podcasts.

Number of participants on podcasts.

None provided.

DP has appropriate comment period.

Required if DP issued

The IASB has set the comment period.

If outside the normal comment period, an explanation from the IASB to the DPOC has been provided, and the decision has been approved.

Discussed at the July 2014 IASB meeting.

The IASB decided to provide the normal 120-day comment period.

Press release to announce publication of the DP.


Release was announced in a timely fashion.

Media coverage of the release

Press release was posted to the IASB website on the same day that the Standard was issued, and was also sent as an email alert.

Snapshot document to explain the rationale and basic concepts included in the DP.


Snapshot prepared at the time of the release.

The Snapshot was posted on the IASB website on the same day that the Standard was issued.

Webcast of interactive presentations streamed in real time from the IASB’s office.


Number of webcasts held.


The IASB determines if focused investor consultation is required to supplement the comment letters.

Required if DP issued

Staff Paper.

To be determined

Request for additional comment and suggestions by conducting fieldwork.


Meetings held.

To be determined

Round-table meetings between external participants and members of the IASB


Number of participants in round-table meetings and venues for the round-table meetings confirmed.

To be determined