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Thursday 20 February 2020

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 Outreach on the leases project

Outreach is part of the due process of the IASB. The Board generally conducts outreach after issuing a due process publication (eg a Discussion Paper or an Exposure Draft). Occasionally, the Board may also decide that it would be helpful to conduct further outreach before making any further decisions on a particular issue (ie targeted outreach).

The input received from outreach is used for the Board's decision-making and is discussed in the public domain. However, individual entities are not named when the results of the feedback are reported to the Board.

The Board and staff have conducted extensive outreach on the ED Leases, which was published in August 2010, holding more than 200 meetings or events, including over 22 conferences and discussion forums. Round-table discussions were held in London, Hong Kong and the US, and conferences, working sessions, discussion forums and one-to-one discussions have also been held across all major geographical regions.

Targeted outreach performed after the comment letter period, to refine and develop the proposals based on the boards’ redeliberations, has involved representatives from accounting firms, local standard-setters, regulators, preparers and affected sectors (such as retail, financial services, real estate, transport, power and utilities, oil and gas, telecommunications, technology, outsourcing, shipping, airlines, healthcare and hospitality).

In addition to face-to-face interaction, technology such as webcasts, video conferencing, podcasts, email alerts and the website have been used to engage with and inform interested parties. Click here to read more.

If you have any questions regarding outreach on the leases project please contact Aida Vatrenjak at or Danielle Zeyher at