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Monday 06 July 2020

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The Interpretations Committee decided to bring a summary of a series of IFRS 5-related issues to the IASB

 12 May 2015

At its November 2014 and March 2015 meetings, the Interpretations Committee considered questions relating to the scope of IFRS 5. As a result of those discussions, the Interpretations Committee asked the staff to undertake a broader analysis of the scope of IFRS 5 to help the Interpretations Committee decide whether these scope issues should be addressed through an Interpretation, or whether a broader amendment to IFRS 5 would be necessary. The Interpretations Committee also discussed new issues that it had received relating to various aspects of the requirements in IFRS 5. At this meeting, the Interpretations Committee discussed the following issues:

  1. Issue 1: the scope of the held-for-sale classification;
  2. Issue 2: how to present intragroup transactions between continuing and discontinued operations;
  3. Issue 3: applicability of the disclosure requirements in IFRS 12 Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities to a subsidiary classified as held for sale;
  4. Issue 4: to what extent an impairment loss can be allocated to non-current assets within a disposal group; and
  5. Issue 5: how to apply the presentation requirements, in the case of a change to a sale plan, to a disposal group that consists of both a subsidiary and other non-current assets.

General decision reached at this meeting

As a result of its discussions, the Interpretations Committee decided that a summary of the IFRS 5 related issues that it had discussed should be included in a paper that would be referred to the IASB. The purpose of the paper would be to summarise, and categorise, the IFRS 5 issues to see if the IASB thought any matters should be addressed through the normal processes of the Interpretations Committee or whether the IASB thought it would be better to consider undertaking a broader project on IFRS 5.

The following sections within this topic represent what the Interpretations Committee observed and noted with respect to the individual issues that it discussed at this meeting.

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