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Tuesday 07 July 2020

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Insurance Contracts

Discussion paper and comment letters [May 2007]


 Discussion paper and comment letters

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has launched on 3 May 2007 a public consultation on accounting for insurance contracts by publishing its preliminary views in a discussion paper.

This announcement is the latest stage of a consultation which began in 2004 when the IASB set up an Insurance Working Group of senior representatives of the insurance industry and other interested parties. The public consultation will last for a period of six months and will aid the IASB in developing firm proposals for an exposure draft to be published towards the end of 2009, with a view to publish a final standard in 2011.

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Access the due process documents


Due process document
Discussion Paper Preliminary Views on Insurance Contracts Part 1 [PDF]
Discussion Paper: Part 2: Appendices [PDF]

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