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Thursday 28 May 2020

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Project news

Project news

The IASB provided feedback to be shared with the Interpretations Committee

 22 October 2015

The IASB discussed a request from the Interpretations Committee for guidance on whether the Interpretations Committee should continue or postpone its discussions on whether previously held interests should be remeasured in a transaction that:

  1. results in the entity losing control over a group of assets, but
  2. retaining an interest in a joint operation, either as a joint operator or as a party to a joint operation.

The Interpretations Committee noted that such a transaction has similarities with a sale or contribution of assets to a joint venture or an associate, which the IASB is reviewing as part of the research project on the equity-method of accounting.

The IASB was not asked to make any decisions.

Next steps

Feedback received from the IASB on Agenda Paper 12E will be provided to the Interpretations Committee at a future meeting.

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