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Saturday 06 June 2020

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Project news

Project news

The Interpretations Committee decided to continue its discussion at a future meeting

 10 November 2015

The Interpretations Committee received a request to clarify an issue relating to the application of the requirements in IAS 12 Income Taxes. More specifically, the issue relates to accounting for tax consequences of payments on, and issuing costs of, financial instruments that are classified as equity, and whether they should be recognised in profit or loss, or directly in equity.

The Interpretations Committee noted that the interaction between the requirements in paragraph 52B and those in paragraphs 58 and 61A of IAS 12 was not clear with respect to this issue.

Consequently, the Interpretations Committee directed the staff to analyse the issue further, focussing on what circumstances the requirements in paragraphs 52A and 52B try to capture.

Next steps

The staff will present its analysis at a future meeting.

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