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Tuesday 21 November 2017

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 Staff draft of proposed standard


On July 1 2010 the IASB and the US FASB posted to their websites a staff draft of proposed standard that reflect tentative decisions made to date, as a basis for extended stakeholder outreach activities.

This staff draft of proposed standards has been prepared by the staff of the IASB and the US FASB for the boards' joint project to develop a standard on financial statement presentation. The draft reflects the cumulative, tentative decisions made by the boards concluding with their joint meeting in April 2010.

However, work on the project is continuing, and the proposals are subject to change before the boards decide to publish an exposure draft for public comment.

Before finalising and publishing the exposure draft, the boards will engage in further outreach and analysis. These activities will focus primarily on two issues: (1) the perceived benefits and costs of the proposals, and (2) the implications of the proposals for financial reporting by financial institutions.

The boards are not formally inviting comments on the this staff draft; however, they welcome input from interested parties.The boards expect to publish an exposure draft for public comment in early 2011.

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Staff draft of proposed standard
Staff draft:  Staff draft of exposure draft Financial Statement Presentation [English] [PDF, 2.34MB]
スタッフ�ドラフト: スタッフ�ドラフト公開草案財務諸表の表示[Japanese][PDF 1.13 MB]

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