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Tuesday 07 April 2020

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Financial Statement Presentation

 Phase B - Replacement of IAS 1 and IAS 7 (Paused)

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Project milestones


This project is paused until the IASB concludes its ongoing deliberations about its future work plan (visit the Agenda consultation project page for more information).

The IASB and the US FASB are undertaking a project to develop a joint standard for financial statement presentation.

If adopted, the new proposals would replace the existing standards on financial statement presentation in IFRSs, IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements and IAS 7 Statement of Cash Flows.

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Project news

10 September 2010 IASB and FASB publish a  webcast entitled 'Financial Statement Presentation: presenting cash flow information'

10 August 2010 IASB and FASB publish  voice-over presentation and podcast introducing the staff draft

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Last IASB meeting update

1 March 2011

The staff presented the results and findings of its outreach activities related to the July 2010 staff draft of an exposure draft on financial statement presentation.

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Next discussion by the IASB

If and how the project will be continued, will be decided after the completion of the IASB's agenda consultation.


Page last updated: 6 March 2011

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Project contacts

Phase A and Replacement of IAS 1 and IAS 7

Holger Obst
IASB Technical Manager


Nicholas Cappiello
FASB Project Manager