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Tuesday 18 February 2020

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IFRS 9: Financial Instruments

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 User survey on offsetting of financial assets and liabilities


User survey

In response to stakeholders� concerns regarding the different requirements for balance sheet offsetting of derivative contracts and other financial instruments, the IASB and the FASB are looking to jointly issue an exposure draft to address such differences. The boards recognise the importance of this issue, which is one of the more significant financial instrument presentation differences between IFRSs and US GAAP.

As part of this review, the IASB is surveying financial statement users regarding the offsetting of financial assets and liabilities. The survey focuses on whether and how users of financial statements adjust for offsetting of financial instruments. The survey is intended to help the IASB better understand what information is useful to users. This will further aid the IASB in their decisions on the appropriateness and usefulness of offsetting financial instruments.

Interested parties should click hereto access the survey.

Deadline for submission is 20 August 2010.