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Saturday 19 September 2020

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Project news

Discussion Forum: Disclosures in Financial Reporting

 28 January 2013


On 28 January 2013, the IASB held a discussion forum on the topic of disclosures in financial reporting. The purpose of the forum was to obtain a clearer picture of the ‘disclosure problem’ and to explore ways of addressing this problem, within existing requirements, to improve the quality of disclosures.

The discussion forum was attended by about 120 people including preparers, auditors, regulators, users of financial statements and standard-setters. It was evident from the discussion at the forum that each of these groups has a role to play in improving the quality of disclosures in financial reporting.

The key messages from the forum are included in the Feedback Statement: Discussion Forum–Financial Reporting Disclosure.


The forum included:

  • individual presentations by others who have already worked on the topic of disclosures and an investor and a preparer who gave their perspective on the disclosure problem;
  • a panel discussion, including presentations from those parties in the financial reporting process (a preparer, a standard-setter, a user, a regulator and an auditor); and
  • two hours of open discussion, during which the investor, preparer and the panel answered questions from the audience.

A copy of the agenda and presentations is available from the 'documents' section of this webpage.

Listen to the audio recording of the Forum


Session Recording
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