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Tuesday 11 August 2020

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2008 - 2010 Constitution Review part two

Round-table meetings

 Round table meetings

Round-table meetings on part two of the Constitution Review


During the consultation process for part two of the Constitution Review, the Trustees hosted a series of roundtable meetings between September and October 2009.

Meetings were held in London (9 September 2009), New York (6 October 2009) and Tokyo (21 October 2009). The purpose of these meetings was for the Trustees to meet stakeholders face-to-face and to hear their comments and concerns. It also enabled the Trustees to debate and discuss the reasons behind their proposals. In this manner the Trustees sought to ensure that any proposed amendment to the Constitution will reflect the interests of the majority of stakeholders around the globe.

Round-table meetings on part one of the Constitution Review


On Thursday 19 June 2008 the IASC Foundation held public round-table meetings in London on part one of the Constitution Review.

The purpose of the round tables was to seek additional views from stakeholders on the Trustees’ initial thinking regarding the creation of a Monitoring Board and the size and the composition of the IASB.

At the round-tables, 30 representatives of leading international organisations, NGOs, financial organisation and representative groups, including securities regulators, preparers, users and major auditing and banking institutions, discussed the two topics in four separate sessions with the Trustees. A PDF list of participants can be viewed here.

This round table formed part of the extensive public consultation which led to amendments to the IASC Foundation Constitution.

Audio recordings and unedited transcripts


The proceedings were recorded and broadcast live on the Web. You can listen to the audio recordings here (registration required):

For the convenience of its constituents unedited transcripts of the round-table discussions are also available: