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Thursday 12 December 2019

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IFRS Foundation

Senior IFRS Foundation staff

The IFRS Foundation staff consists of more than 60 professionals, who work to support the IASB and the IFRS Foundation Trustees. The IFRS Foundation's staff also support the adoption of IFRS around the world, protect the IFRS brand, improve and expand external relationships, and deal with other day-to-day management of and support for the organisation.

The general email address for contacting the IFRS Foundation is

Contact details for senior IFRS Foundation staff are as follows:


 Yael Almog, Executive Director, IFRS Foundation

Yael Almog

Executive Director

 Mark Byatt, Director of Communications and External Affairs, IFRS Foundation

Mark Byatt

Director of Communications and External Affairs

 Miranda Corti, Director of Operations, IFRS Foundation

Miranda Corti

Director of Operations

 Matt Tilling, Director of Education

Richard Thorpe

Director of Trustee Activities