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Wednesday 11 December 2019

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Content Services

Creation and management of content-related policies

A key challenge for the Content Services team is to manage the commercial needs and the public interest mission of the IFRS Foundation. The team contributes to the mission and financing of the organisation through the provision of publication services. Content dissemination by the Foundation provides more than 20 per cent of the Foundation’s annual income through commercial sales, but the Foundation must also provide fair and consistent access to content to ensure international goodwill and successful national adoption.

Advising national authorities on the IFRS adoption process

The Translations, Adoption and Copyright Team, a specialist department that sits within the Content Services division, communicates with governments, or the relevant national legal authority, to support and enable national adoption of IFRS Standards. Because jurisdictions often have a unique national adoption process, the team aims to support this process while maintaining consistency with the Foundation’s international policies. Find out more about the support of adoption of IFRS.

As detailed in the Translations, Adoption and Copyright policy, there are a number of models used to facilitate adoption. Jurisdictions that are adopting Standards will inevitably have unique national processes and needs related to content provision. The team works to understand those needs and processes while also maintaining the integrity and consistency of the Foundation’s own dissemination policies.

Provision of content to support IFRS adoption

The Content Services team works with adopting jurisdictions to provide the appropriate materials in the agreed formats and ensures that the process followed is sustainable and kept up-to-date by all parties. As part of this, the Translations, Adoption and Copyright team puts in place agreements under which the Foundation agrees to supply its content for adoption purposes, which the legal authority needs to abide by, for example by updating their national law, or the local equivalent.

Directing IFRS translation activities

IFRS Standards are translated into more than 40 languages worldwide. To many international jurisdictions, translation is a fundamental part of the IASB’s standard-setting and an ongoing benefit of IFRS adoption. Translation is important to the Foundation, because Standards must be consistent and preserve their integrity when in a non-English language. The IFRS Standards translation process is detailed on the Translations page. The Translations Adoption and Copyright team does not actually translate the standards; instead, they manage projects that include translation. The real function of the team is to provide adoption support and the licensing of non-English content.

Sales and licensing of IFRS Foundation material

The Foundation’s Web Shop is the main sales tool for IFRS books, subscriptions and other products. Sales are all globally focused. Numerous publishers and other industry organisations seek to sell IFRS content. Content Services staff also license the use of IFRS materials, in conformity with the Foundation’s licensing policies.




Richard Davis
Customer Services Manager