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Wednesday 11 December 2019

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Advisory Council members

Yibin Gao

Yibin Gao, Advisory Council Member  

Mr Yibin Gao is currently the Director-General of the Accounting Regulatory Department (ARD).. He is also the Director-General of the China Accounting Standards Committee (CASC) and the Vice-Chair of the Asian-Oceanian Standard-Setters Group (AOSSG).

On the Advisory Council, he represents the Ministry of Finance of China.

Mr Gao is in charge of accounting administration in China, including: setting and implementing Chinese Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises (ASBEs); international convergence of ASBEs with IFRS Standards; equivalence of ASBEs to accounting standards in major capital markets; setting and implementing government accounting standards in China; setting and implementing Chinese Internal Control Guidance; policy-making and regulation of CPAs industry development in China.

Mr Gao joined the ARD in 1984, where he served as a Deputy Director, Director and Deputy Director-General and was in charge of research, formulation and administration of Chinese accounting law, accounting standards, accounting regulation, policy of internal control and risk management, etc. Mr Gao was deeply engaged in achieving convergence of Chinese ASBEs with IFRS Standards in 2006, and was leading and organising the implementation of ASBEs in listed companies in China.

From January 2007 to May 2015, Mr Gao was President of the Beijing National Accounting Institute. Mr Gao graduated from the Central University of Finance and Economics, majoring in accounting. He serves as a professor for masters degrees at several universities. In addition, Mr Gao holds the position of Deputy-President of the Accounting Society of China (ASC), Deputy-President of the Cost Research Society of China, Member of the Professional Accounting Education Committee, Member of the China Internal Control Standards Committee (CICSC) and Member of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Committee.