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Tuesday 26 January 2021

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IFRS Advisory Council

Advisory Council members

IFRS Advisory Council members

The IFRS Advisory Council is comprised of a wide range of representatives from user groups, preparers, financial analysts, academics, auditors, regulators, professional accounting bodies and investor groups that are affected by and interested in the IASB's work. Members of the Advisory Council are appointed by the Trustees.


                                                 IFRS Advisory Council members February 2015



Position Individual Title Term expires
Chairman of the IFRS Advisory Council Joanna Perry

Joanna Perry, IFRS Advisory Council
Former Chairman of the New Zealand Financial Reporting Standards Board; former Member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board; former member of the Asia-Oceania Standard-Setting Group; former member of the New Zealand Securities Commission; former member of the IFRS Interpretations Committee December 2019
Vice-Chair of the IFRS Advisory Council Goro Kumagai

Goro Kumagai, IFRS Advisory Council
Represents Securities Analysts Association of Japan

Senior Fellow of the Strategic Research Department, Markets Strategic Intelligence Dept.
December 2019
Vice-Chair of the IFRS Advisory Council Gavin Francis

Gavin Francis, IFRS Advisory Council
Represents Institute of International Finance

Group Chief Accounting Officer, HSBC Holdings plc
December 2018



Organisation Individual Title Term expires
ACTEO & MEDEF Olivia Larmaraud

Deputy Corporate Accounting Director,
PSA Peugeot Citroën
December 2019
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision William Coen

William Coen
Secretary General December 2018
BDO Dr Jens Freiberg

Dr Jens Freiberg, IFRS Advisory Council
Head of International Financial Reporting, BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft December 2019
Brazilian Development Bank
Vania Maria Da Costa Borgerth

Vania Borgerth, IFRS Advisory Council
Deputy Managing Director for the Controlling Division December 2017
Capital Markets Board of Turkey Uğur Yaylaönü

Uğur Yaylaönü, IFRS Advisory Council
Head of the Accounting Standards Department December 2017
CFA Institute Dr. Giuseppe Ballocchi

Future of Finance Content Council member December 2019
Corporate Reporting Users Forum Dr Lothar Weniger

Dr Lothar Weniger, IFRS Advisory Council
ALIAG, Usingen, Owner December 2019
Council of Institutional Investors Anne Simpson

Anne Simpson, IFRS Advisory Council
Investment Director, Global Governance, CalPERS December 2018
Deloitte & Touche Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor, IFRS Advisory Council
Audit Partner December 2018
Individual Surya Subramanian

Surya Subramanian, IFRS Advisory Council
Group Chief Financial Officer December 2019
European Accounting Association Professor Ann Jorissen

Professor Ann Jorissen, IFRS Advisory Council
Professor of Accounting, University of Antwerp, Antwerp Management School, Past-President of the European Accounting Association December 2017
European Central Bank Jürgen Kirchof

Jürgen Kirchoff, IFRS Advisory Council
Principal Finance Expert in the Financial Reporting and Policy Division, ECB December 2019
European Financial Reporting Advisory Group Jean Paul Gauzès

Jean Paul Gauzes, IFRS Advisory Council
President December 2017
European Round Table of Industrialists and European Issuers Robert Koethner

Robert Koether, IFRS Advisory Council
Chief Accounting Officer, Daimler AG December 2017
European Securities Markets Authority Roxana Damianov

Roxana Damianov, IFRS Advisory Council
Team Leader of the Corporate Reporting team December 2019
EY James Luke

Technical Partner,
Afriga Region

December 2019
Fédération Internationale des Experts-Comptables Francophones Aziz Dieye

Aziz Dieye, IFRS Advisory Council
Founder of Cabinet Aziz Dieye Senegal and the Centre Africain d'Etudes Supérieures en Gestion Management High School in Kakar December 2018
Federation of Accounting Professions, Thailand Prasan Chuaphanich

Prasan Chuaphanich, IFRS Advisory Council
President December 2017
Financial Executives International Rudolf Bless

Rudolf A Bless, IFRS Advisory Council
Chief Accounting Officer, Bank of America December 2017
Financial Reporting Standards Council of South Africa Garth Coppin

Garth Coppin, IFRS Advisory Council
Member December 2017
Grant Thornton Jake Green

Jake Green, IFRS Advisory Council
Director of financial reporting – Grant Thornton UK LLP December 2018
HUB Global Insurance Group Lynda Sullivan

Lynda Sullivan, IFRS Advisory Council
EVP and Group Chief Accounting Officer, Manulife Financial December 2018
Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) Dr Etty Wulandari

DeputyCommissioner December 2019
Insurance Europe (European Insurance and Reinsurance Federation) Olav Jones

Olav Jones, IFRS Advisory Council
Deputy Director General December 2019
International Actuarial Association (IAA)
Micheline Dionne

Micheline Dionne, IFRS Advisory Council
Member of the IAA Executive Committee December 2019
International Association for Accounting Education & Research Holger Daske

Holger Daske, IFRS Advisory Council
Professor and Chair of Accounting and Capital Markets, University of Mannheim December 2019
International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) Abdulrahman Fahd Almosad CMA

Insurance Supervisor December 2019
International Co-operative Alliance
Isabelle Ferrand

Isabelle Ferrand, IFRS Advisory Council
Chief Financial Officer, Confédération Nationale du Credit Mutuel December 2018
International Corporate Governance Network Anne Molyneux

Anne Molyneux, IFRS Advisory Council
Director, CS International and ICGN member December 2017
International Federation of Accountants John Stanford

John Stanford, IFRS Advisory Council
Technical Director of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board December 2018
International Monetary Fund Ghiath Shabsigh

Ghiath Shabsigh, IFRS Advisory Council
Assistant Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department December 2018
International Organization of Securities Commissions Ton Meershoek

Ton Meershoek, IFRS Advisory Council
Technical Expert in Financial Reporting at the Netherlands Authority for the Financial markets
December 2017
Areewan Aimdilokwong

Areewan Aimdilokwong, IFRS Advisory Council
Specialist in the Accounting Supervision Department, Securities & Exchange Commission of Thailand  December 2017
Investment Company Institute Gregory Smith

Gregory M Smith, IFRS Advisory Council
Director of Fund Accounting and Compliance December 2017
Investment Association Colin McDonald

Colin McDonald, IFRS Advisory Council
Director of Accounting Policy at BlackRock December 2018
Korea Accounting Standards Board Dr Jee In Jang

Advisor to KASB December 2019
KPMG Andrew Marshall

Andrew Marshall, IFRS Advisory Council
Senior Technical Partner December 2018
Ministry of Finance, People’s Republic of China Yibin Gao
Yibin Gao, IFRS Advisory Council

Director-General of the Accounting Regulatory Department

December 2018
National Organisation for Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards Igor Kozyrev

Igor Kozyrev, IFRS Advisory Council
Chairman of the Management Board of NOFA, Deputy Chief Accountant – Deputy Vice-President, Head of external reporting department, LUKOIL December 2018
Nippon Keidanren (Japan) Hidetake Ishihara

Hidetake Ishihara, IFRS Advisory Council
Executive Officer, Head of Accounting & Finance Division, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation December 2019
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Paul Fitzsimon

Paul Fitzsimon, IFRS Advisory Council
Partner, Global Head of Reporting and Chief Accountant December 2017
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Professor Xinyuan Chen

 Vice President and Professor December 2019
UK FRC (Representing the national standard-setters of France, Germany, Italy and the UK) Paul George

Executive Director of Corporate Reporting and Governance December 2018
Wipro Ltd. Suresh Senapaty

Advisor, former member of the Board
and CFO

December 2019
World Bank Pam O'Connell

Pam O'Connell, IFRS Advisory Council
Director and Chief Accountant December 2017

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US Securities and Exchange Commission