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Saturday 05 December 2020

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Members of the IASB

Sue Lloyd

Sue Lloyd, IASB memberAppointed 1 January 2014
Term expires: 31 December 2018
Geographical allocation: 'At large'

Sue Lloyd was appointed as Vice-Chair of the International Accounting Standards Board in October 2016, having served as a Board member since 2014. In February 2017 Ms Lloyd was appointed as Chair of the IFRS Interpretations Committee.

Prior to being appointed to the Board, Ms Lloyd served as IASB Senior Director of Technical Activities, leading the technical staff in the development of new IFRS Standards, and  as Director of Capital Markets, with specific responsibilities for the Board’s work to reform the accounting for financial instruments.

Ms Lloyd also worked for the Board as a technical project manager between 2002 and 2004 and has held various positions in investment banking both in the UK and in Australia and is a former member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board. She has a master’s degree in accounting and finance  from the University of Auckland in New Zealand.



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