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Saturday 05 December 2020

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Members of the IASB

Stephen Cooper

Appointed: 1 August 2007
Second term expires: 31 July 2017
Geographical allocation: Europe

Mr Cooper became a member of the IASB in 2007 having previously served on a number of IASB advisory groups, including the working group related to the development of IFRS 2 Share-based Payment and the joint international group advising the IASB and FASB on financial statement presentation. He was also a member of the IASB’s investor advisory group from its inception, now called the capital markets advisory committee.

Prior to joining the IASB Mr Cooper was a Managing Director in the equities division of UBS Investment Bank. He joined UBS in 1997 as an analyst specialising in equity valuation and accounting for which he was voted the #1 analyst in Europe for several years. Subsequently he was also appointed as a member of the UBS research global investment recommendations committee and the investment committee of the UBS UK pension fund.

Mr Cooper has also had other investment banking related roles including corporate finance advisory at Schroders, now part of Citigroup, and financial analysis education and training.

Mr Cooper qualified as an accountant in 1983 and has a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics.


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